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  1. Day (Saturday, September 7th 2024)

Belgrade – Gamzigrad – Zaječar – Ravna – Niš

Departure from Belgrade in the early morning hours. Arrival to Gamzigrad and tour of Felix Romuliana site. The trip continues to Zaječar with a planned visit to the National Museum in Zaječar and an optional lunch in Zaječar (Restaurant Dva brata, Karađorđev venac 6). Departure for Ravna near Knjaževac and tour of the archaeological site of Timacum Minus and Archeo-ethno park in Ravna).

Departure for Niš in the evening hours.

Overnight stay in Niš (hotel 3*, breakfast included, in double and triple rooms; the possibility of booking a single room with an extra charge).

  1. Day (Sunday, September 8th, 2024)

Niš –Mediana – Caričin Grad – Leskovac – Belgrade

After breakfast, it is planned to visit the National Museum in Niš and a tour of the Archaeological park of Mediana. There is a possibility of an optional lunch in Niš (Restaurant Izvor or Nišlijska mehana).

After lunch, departure for Caričin Grad near Lebane and tour of the site. Departure for Belgrade is planned in the late evening hours.


The price includes: bus, visits to the museums and archaeological sites accompanied by a guide, and an overnight stay in Niš (3* hotel, breakfast included, in double and triple rooms). There is a possibility of booking a single room with an extra charge.

Excursion price is approximately 120 euros (depends on the number of interested colleagues and the chosen hotel).

The link for registering for the excursions will be available soon.

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