The series of International Congresses of Christian Archeology (CIAC) began in 1894 in Split and since then has had the constant participation of hundreds of scholars from all over the world. From 1917 until 1989 colleagues from communist countries were practically excluded, but today they participate again with great enthusiasm. Since 1925, the PIAC has had the “Permanent Promoting Committee” for the CIACs. Its duty is to ensure as much as possible the regularity of the congresses (every five years) and the scientific level and to support the local committee, responsible for the preparation and organization of the congress. The Rector of PIAC is the President of the Congress, the Secretary of PIAC its Secretary General. The proceedings of the Congress are usually published in collaboration with the PIAC in the Studi di Antichità Cristiana series. PIAC is not responsible for funding the Congress.
The Institute of Archaeology, Belgrade, will host the 18th International Congress of Christian Archaeology in 2024 from 2nd to 6th of September, in collaboration with the National Museum of Serbia and the Faculty of Philosophy of the Belgrade University.

Permanent promoting committee members (PIAC):

  • Prof. Olof Brandt
  • Dr. Gabriele Castiglia
  • Prof.ssa Chiara Cecalupo
  • Prof. Carlo dell’Osso
  • Prof. Giuseppe Falzone
  • Prof. Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai
  • Prof. Federico Guidobaldi
  • Prof. Mons. Stefan Heid
  • Prof. Danilo Mazzoleni
  • Prof. Philippe Pergola
  • Prof.ssa Carla Salvetti
  • Prof.ssa Lucrezia Spera
  • Dr. Alessandro Vella
  • Prof. Cecilia Proverbio

Expanded promoting committee members:

  • Dott. Irina Achim
  • Prof. Galit Noga Banai
  • Prof. Francois Baratte
  • Dott. Fathi Bejaoui
  • Dott. Eugenia Chalkia
  • Prof. Sible de Blaauw
  • Prof. Denis Feissel
  • Prof. Jean Guyon
  • Prof. Michael J. Jones
  • Prof. Emilio Marin
  • Prof. Stephan Mols
  • Prof. Renate Pillinger
  • Prof. Leonard Rutgers
  • Prof. Sabine Schrenk
  • Prof. Ann Marie Yasin
  • Dott. Norbert Zimmermann

Members of the Serbian National Promoting Committee:

  • Dr. Snežana Golubović, president, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr. Vujadin Ivanišević, honorable president, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Dr. Ivan Bugarski, secretary, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr. Nadežda Gavrilović Vitas, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr. Jelena Anđelković Grašar, Institute of Archaeology
  • Dr. Ivan Gargano, Institute of Archaeology
  • Prof. Perica Špehar, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
  • Prof. Tatjana Cvjetičanin, National Musum of Serbia
  • Ivana Kosanović, MA, Institute of Archaeology

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